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Laws of Leisuretown 

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Our mission is to bring you More Sunny Days

Gone are the days where Alcohol is the only beverage fit for a social gathering. Whether you're out and about or relaxing on the couch, we've created a healthier beverage to give you More Sunny Days.

Leisuretown Origins

3 friends, 1 Craft Brewer, 1 Cannabis Entrepreneur and 1 Chemist, who all grew up off Leisuretown Road, decided to create the healthy, social drink they were looking for.

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Paradise Isn't a Place,
It's a Feeling

Leisuretown takes you there.

Less is More

Less calories + less sugars = More Feeling Golden. Have you ever had way too much edible...? We have... and that's why we believe in low dose Cannabis for the smoothest ride into the sunset.

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Stay Golden

We all have different tolerances, we've found that the synergy of 2.5mg THC/ 5mg CBD is the perfect dose for us. 1 drink gets our creative juices flowing, 2 drinks gets us feeling nice and friendly, 3 drinks we're feeling golden, 4 drinks is a party.

Strain Management

Cannabinoids have been used as a therapeutic since Ancient times. Leisuretown's Broad Spectrum Hemp helps soothe the mind, body, and soul without the high.

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Hangout > Hangover

Leisuretown, the coolest non-alcoholic drink in the world.

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